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From Songs of the Marranos Conference in Ashalim this March.

This video "The Wind of the Kingdom" is in Finnish + English with Swedish subtitles.

Here you can watch part 2 

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Personal experiences of finding anousim roots

Institute for Sefardi and Anusim studies - Netanya Academic College. 

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Sephardic Destiny

Sephardic Destiny's mission is Discovering Anusim/Sephardim and Contributing to Their Return to Eretz Israel. 

Director Margaretha Jägerhult

 “The Lord will save the dwellings of Judah first, so that the honor of the house of David and of Jerusalem’s inhabitants may not be greater than that of Judah." Zech. 12:7

The Anusim/Conversos who are Sephardic Jews is the last group among the tribe of Judah who will return to Eretz Israel.

Margaretha Jägerhult, the leader of Operation Lifeline, is a true pioneer, with a prophetic insight and message about Israel and the future of the eternal promises for the people of the Land, Eretz Israel.
Maggie is a sought-after speaker and teacher with more than thirty years of experience working with aliyah, the return of the Jews to Israel. Many people have been profoundly impacted by her ministry, as her calling has led her to several nations including Russia, China, Israel, Cuba, the U.S. and many European countries.
When the need arises, Maggie has gone under-cover, but she also maintains a powerful public persona, demonstrating resourcefulness with authorities and lawmakers.
A very important part of her ministry has been to fight anti-Semitism on a high, national level through arranging exhibitions in association with governments and presidents, with the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and many other organizations. In addition, Maggie’s belief in using music and the arts as a tool in opinion-making has motivated her to arrange several musical events highlighting Israel and the Jews.
Maggie’s dedication to God’s calling is founded in her earnest belief that Biblical Obadia 20b is a call for the descendants of the Sephardim and their descendants in the Mediterranean area and the so called New World to return to the Land of their forefathers.

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